Viewing Requests

When you first join Prayer Chain Online, you will immediately be taken to the page to view prayer requests.  If you return to the Home page of the site, you will see a new button that you can use to quickly view requests.

 When viewing requests, you can click on the column heading to sort the list by that column. If you click the same column again, it will toggle between ascending and descending order.


If you click on the title of the request, you can view the request on a single page as shown below:

Clicking on the praying hands in either the list view or on the detail view will increment the counter to show that you have prayed. We do not record the name of each person who has prayed, we only increment the counter so the person who submitted the request has some indication of how many people have prayed.

From the list view, you can also click on the Description of the request to quickly see the entire request without having to go to a different page to see the details.

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